Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The First Official Weigh-In: Surprise source of motivation

I finally got the WeighMax W-op440 scale I ordered from Raven Scales Online, a seller on eBay, last week. I had to order a special scale since the last time I weighed myself a couple of months ago it registered at more than 400 pounds, and even the heavy-duty kind you can find at most retail stores only go up to 300 or 350 at the most.

I was excited about weighing in, because I've been implementing healthier foods into my diet slowly but surely. But during the past month I hadn't really kept myself from eating out, and I was still snacking on Snickers and Reese Cups at least a couple of times per week, so I thought I might be at the same weight and perhaps even more (which is why I pessimistically ordered a 440 max scale instead of being optimistic and buying the 400-pound model).

Anyway, the last week and a half of sticking to an extremely healthy diet (even during the holidays), and walking and biking (although in limited amounts), must have paid off. My weight is now down to 388 pounds! This may not seem like something to celebrate, but it is certainly something to motivate me to keep up what I've been doing and add even more exercise to the equation.

In related news, a friend of mine is getting rid of a BowFlex home gym he bought in 2006 and has never used, and he's offered it to me for free as long as I haul it away. I hope to be going over there tonight or tomorrow to get it. I'm hoping I'll enjoy the workouts at home, cuz that'll save me lots of cash on joining a gym.

Until next time...thanks for reading!

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