Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tonight's Dinner

Tonight I cooked a delicious, healthy meal. I think I mentioned before about my previous addiction to eating out. Well, that issue has been almost entirely resolved, and I'm preparing my breakfast, lunch and dinner at home at least 6 days out of the week. (On the seventh day I do enjoy an entire day of eating out, but I make much better choices than I used to - more on that in another posting.)

Some of the recipes I was making for a while were a bit complicated, so tonight I thought I'd take it easy on myself. I baked a boneless chicken breast with just a small touch of olive oil and salt, and a bunch of red and black pepper, topped with jalapeƱos. Then I cooked some couscous and some frozen peas. The entire meal took 30 minutes to prepare. And even though it wasn't as complicated as some of the meals Rachel Ray prepares in the same amount of time, I enjoyed it just as much.

I'm still on track with my diet, although I've hit a plateau at just under 380 pounds. But I'm steady, and eating healthy has me feeling worlds better than I did before. I'm supposed to see my trainer at the gym on Monday or Tuesday, so I'll be increasing my exercise very soon and hope to begin to shed pounds again soon.

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