Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Branding my diet - Ten foods I can't live without

I'm not much of a cook. Still, I've found that preparing my own meals at home and packing lunch, and sometimes dinner, is the only way to stay on track with my diet. And because eating out is especially expensive when you're trying to eat healthy, it's also the only way to stay on budget.

Here are the brands that have made losing more than 100 pounds over the last 10 months possible:

1. Ezekial 4:9 Golden Flax Sprouted Grain Cereal - A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. One box is kind of expensive (about $5 or $6), but it lasts for a couple of weeks. And it's very filling, so I don't use more than a quarter or half a cup per serving. With a bit of milk and a banana, this is an amazing breakfast that always starts me off on the right foot.

2. Eggland's Best organic, cage-free, vegetarian-fed eggs - I can't live without eggs. Whether it's one scrambled with a tomato, some spinach or collard greens with a piece of toast for breakfast, a hard-boiled one packed for a snack on the go, or two in an omelette for dinner, eggs are a staple that gives me the proteien I need to build muscle as I'm losing fat.

3. Organic Girl Baby Spinach - I love this stuff raw between two slices of whole grain bread, with deli meat and a little mustard, or stirred into soup, or scrambled with my eggs. Maybe it's that I'm a Popeye fan, but I just feel this stuff fuels my body for whatever shenanigans Olive Oil or Bluto may bring my way.

4. Cabot Creamery's Greek-style Plain Lowfat Yogurt - I buy a big container of this stuff and break it out into to-go packs with some frozen fruit, and I'm ready for a nutritious mid-morning snack any day of the week.

5. Martin's Pennyslvania Dutch Whole Wheat Potoato Bread - I've only recently discoverd the whole grain version of my back-home favorite, potato bread. I like that I can treat myself to a healthy version of this great comfort food.

6. Organic Valley 1% Milk - Any organic milk would do, but I like that Organic Valley has a nice pour spout. It's also not the most expensive brand out there, even if it's not the cheapest either.

7. Boar's Head Salsalito Sliced Turkey - Any Boar's Head product is simply delicious, but I've found the high protein low calorie level of their turkey and chicken products is perfect to help me continue losing weight while I thoroughly enjoy my lunch!

8. Oh Yeah! Chocolate and Caramel Protein Bars (Grab n' Go size) - After a hard workout, or just as an afternoon snack, these bars satisfy like Snickers but also pack a much-needed protein punch.

9. Publix brand frozen fruits and vegetables - Frozen fruits and vegetables are versatile enough to be used in so many ways, and I've read that they're more nutritious than some fresh fruits and vegetables because they're flash frozen at their peak.

10. Baked Lays Barbecue Potato Crisps - Okay, so these aren't incredibly healthy, or maybe they're downright bad for me. But once a week I buy a small bag of these, sit at my desk, and just crunch away. Better than Calgon on a stressful afternoon, they don't mess with my glycemic levels the way some other convenience snacks do, and they certainly don't weigh me down like regular greasy chips do.

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  1. Thanks for the Cabot love- what a fantastic way to get a head start on the week's snacks by packing it up ahead of time. I love time savers, especially in the kitchen :)