Monday, November 22, 2010

Goal achievement: Riding rollercoasters again!

For anyone who's been following my blog since it's inception (is there anyone?), you know one of the goals that I'd set for myself was to lose weight so I could ride roller coasters again. Well, this weekend that goal was finally achieved when I went to Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL.

I wasn't nervous at all as I waited in line for The Incredible Hulk - my fear of the ride was overshadowed by my excitement, and of course by the nervousness I still had about fitting into the seat.

But my fears quickly vanished as I stepped up to that last car and hopped into the saddle as if the form-fitted seat were made just for me. I couldn't believe it. There was no discomfort, no sucking in the gut or re-arranging the spoodging fat rolls as the coaster-jockey strapped me in. Ahhhh! Relief!

Now, I thought, let the fun times begin! And away we went!

Thanks Khiz! And Happy Birthday. I had an amazing time!!!

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