Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fitness 400: The Musical?

I've recently printed out a copy of my blog and have begun reading/editing it in hopes that I can put it together into some sort of self-help format to be published, and this morning while watching an exceptionally fantastic episode of Glee - the one where Rachel is on the verge of discovering her mom's true identity to the tune of Les Mis' "I dreamed a dream" - I began thinking...Fitness 400 would be make an awesome musical!

Don't laugh! I really think a story like mine would make entertaining, maybe even inspiring musical theater. Think about it - it's the story of one man's transformation from debilitating doubt to unbridled optimism, a man who battles demons that take on physical dimensions in the shape of a 200 pound weight gain, and then loses those pounds through a series of poignant and life-affirming adventures in his work life and social life, eventually falling in love (only after having found love for himself along the way).

Well, it's just a thought at this point, but an exciting one. Oh, the possibilities!

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