Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weight restrictions begone! Time to have fun!

I hadn't been to a water park in more than 25 years - until today. For the longest time I couldn't go. Besides the fact that a lot of the rides have weight limits, I just never felt confident enough to walk around with just a bathing suit on all day - and wearing a t-shirt seemed ridiculous. Besides, even with a cover-up, they wouldn't have let me on any of the rides, and what fun would that have been?

So today Khizer and I decided to head up to West Palm Beach to check out Rapids Water Park. I'm down to 255 pounds now, and even though I couldn't go on a few of the wilder rides because there was a 250-pound weight limit, I still had a blast. I even got lots of exercise.

I was treading water for a while in the deep end of the wave pool. And there were these pools with trails of buoys that moved out from under your feet when you stepped on them, forcing you to hold up your body weight and fling yourself monkey-style using your arms to stay up and your legs and core stabilized yourself on the course. Some of them were quite long and difficult to pass, but I did it! It was amazing fun, and so I don't feel I missed out on anything.

I did go on a bunch of the water slides, too, even ones with a weight restriction. They stopped some people and weighed them, telling them they couldn't ride. But no one said anything to me. *smile* Still, I didn't go on anything too wild because I was worried being overweight would cause me to go flying off the raft or something causing injury to myself or someone else.

So now I've set a new goal for soon as I'm down to, say, 245, I'll go back and do even the craziest rides with Khizer!

Life is good.