Thursday, March 29, 2012

Going all the way: Setting a new healthy weight goal

I am inspired right now to reconsider my healthy weight goal. When I originally started this project, I weighed more than 420 pounds and set a goal to halve my weight. I settled in on a number - 227 lbs. - because it was just under the mark for Class I Obesity for my height. But the more I consider that goal, I feel it doesn't go far enough. It's a good goal. Hell, it may be a great goal. But it is not reflective of my desire to live in a way that leads me to optimal health.

I want to reduce my risk of chronic disease. That's the point. It's not about how I will look. It's about how I feel. And more, it's about what I can do.

Realizing this will take a new level of focus for me, I am exploring ideas. I've considered prescribed exercise plans like P90X, the Insanity 60 Day Workout and CrossFit, and I haven't ruled them out, because exercise is a huge part of what will make me successful at reaching my new goal (just as it has been to the point where I am today).

More important though, I want to take my food intake more seriously and begin cooking seriously healthy foods on a daily basis. I need to stop eating out on a regular basis, because even if I select healthy options while I'm out, I want to have more control over the ingredients, and how the ingredients are prepared.

I'm watching the new video called Hungry for Change, which talks about addictive chemicals in processed foods, which is stuff I already heard about in Food, Inc. But it also talks about juicing and a raw diet and other things I haven't given much thought to as of yet. There's also a recipe book that you can order from them as well (I think this is related to Tony Robbins), so I plan on buying that since it's in line with my desire to prepare healthier foods at home.

Meanwhile, I'm very much considering taking up a hard core workout routine. If something has worked for you, let me know and tell me why. I'm looking for all the information I can before deciding which path to take on the next step in my fit life journey.

So, you may be wondering, "Where's the part about your new goal?" Here it is. I'm almost hesitating to say it, probably because I still harbor fear and doubt over my ability to achieve it. But it is do-able, I know it. And I have developed a strong system of support, so I know where to go for help and am not afraid to ask for it.

So here goes: I will work to achieve a goal weight of 190 pounds. That's nearly 80 more pounds to go, and 30 more pounds than my original goal of 220. And I will strive to lose this weight by the end of the year. That gives me nine months. I will remain with the goal of weighing 227 pounds as an interim goal to be met by my birthday in August.

Now I just need to come up with the new plan...

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