Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plan to keep on running, training for a 10K

The 5K I ran on Saturday was so liberating and uplifting to my spirit that I have already decided to continue running to see what further health and wellness benefits will come from it. Then, on May 6, I plan to run a 10K in memory of my grandmother, who passed away May 7, 2009.

Working up to that event - the 10K Run for the Zoo - I want to train and participate in at least five other 5K events. Here is what I have planned for the next two months:

SAT, MARCH 4 @ 9 AM: EWB-UNM 5K River Run (DONE)

SAT, MARCH 10 @ 9 AM: 5K Run for the Children of Albuquerque

SUN, MARCH 18, @ 8:30 AM: NM Shamrock Shuffle 5K, Rio Rancho Aquatic Center

SUN, APRIL 1 @ 8 AM: 8th Annual Los Lunas Police Department Cops for Kids 5K

SAT, APRIL 14 @ 9 AM: Ellen Reavis Race for Autism 5K

SUN, MAY 6 @ 8:30 AM: Run for the Zoo 10K

During this time I also plan to continue with resistance training a few days per week and hiking at least one day each weekend. I know this is a pretty rigorous schedule, but I think it's the best way for me to maintain balance in my life at the moment while also moving forward with my weight loss and fitness journey.

I realize my body may not be ready for this ambitious schedule, so I'm going to be cautious not to overdo it. But I know that without this plan, my 10K goal could never be realized. Also, with that said, I don't have a specific weight loss goal for the May 6 run, but I'm hoping to shed at least five pounds per month for the next two months. Running the 10K at 260 pounds instead of my current 270 pounds will definitely be good for my joints!

Wish me luck! Well, luck will really have nothing to do with it. Instead, wish me energy, dedication and continued passion for life! (And I'll wish the same for you!)

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  1. That is really cool and exciting. It'll be fun to keep up with each of your races and I wish you the best!