Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let's hike, let's trek, let's see nature the way it's let

Southern sun over the Missouri River, from bluffs west of St. Louis

Life is like a river, whether shallow or deep, short or long, held back or head strong. There is only one.

Erosion and expansion near the mouth of Tijeras Canyon, Albuquerque
There is a place in my life for romanticism, just as there is a place for existentialism. I don’t know that I visit these places as often as I visit other isms, but I do just fine.

Southern Sandias, near one of the ridge trails leading to Eye of the Sandias
Is there an ism for getting one’s body and one’s mind in an increasingly fit state? If so, I’m exploring that ism.

Saguaro Sunset over Tuscon, from Saguaro National Park East
Truth be told, I’m a Mojave Joshua Tree, a desert away from the dance promised to me in the Sonoran by my partner in crime-fighting, Saguaro.

Mojave Joshua Tree looms in the direction of the Sonoran, Ryan Mountain

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