Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back to old habits can be a good thing

I feel like for the last two months I have not been living MyFitLife2Day so much as MyLazyWinterLife2Day. But that's all changing as of this moment. It's about my decisions (right Tony) and not the conditions of my life that determine my destiny.

So some bad habits that have crept steadily back into my life since my return from the low desert of Southern California's Coachella Valley to the Rio Grande Valley in the high desert of North Central New Mexico. Meanwhile, my remaining good habit - hiking! - has waned because I've been wussing out with the cold, windy weather we've been having intermittently throughout the season.

Tomorrow, Saturday, today by the time I post this, is supposed to be heavenly outdoors. I will get up earlyish, have some oatmeal and a big cup of joe, and get some work done at home; then, after my 30-minute medicine ball workout I'll have my mid-morning snack of greek yogurt and blueberries before heading out the door to take care of some business in Nob Hill (about a 2-mile round trip walk from home).

I'll walk home, picking up some carved chicken from the market on the way, and get my gear together for a nice two-hour hike in Sandia Mountain Wilderness and the Foothills.

Sunday will not be as nice outdoors, so I'll plan on going to the gym to stretch and life weights on Sunday. I hope to not be too sore on Sunday to do another set of my medicine ball workout. I am seriously feeling the need to take care of my core now before it permanently returns to mush as a result of my temporary return to the sedentary lifestyle this winter.

Bueno, it's time to hit the hay. Tomorrow's a new fit day!