Monday, March 18, 2013

Pedestrian Fear Factor vs. Train Like a Pedestrian

Successful pedestrians stick to a common set of rules, not the least of which is this: Avoid death at the hands of others. You need to be fit if you plan on getting around on foot, bike or public transit. If there weren't enough good reasons to get and stay fit, add this one to your arsenal of motivators.

Train like a pedestrian - urban core fitness with medicine ball workouts!
Since I've recently been forced into pedestrian life - No, I did not get a DUI! - I decided I can no longer ignore the mush that's become of my core over the winter. A flabby core means reduced reaction time, which can lead to disaster while biking or trying to avoid reckless drivers while crossing the street. We've all seen similar headlines to this: "Motorist mows down biker on morning commute!" Well I don't want to be a statistic no one remembers.

With a strong core I know I can avoid getting creamed by a driver who doesn't know how to check his mirrors or is talking on a cell or texting while driving. The drunk drivers might take more than a strong core to avoid, but being able to control the bike from my core will be crucial in most emergency situations.

Hiking was keeping my core in shape last year, but as hiking season puttered out - when I should have been returning to my core workouts of pre-hiking days - I was enjoying some time off, accompanied with ice cream, cookies and peanut butter.

So I'm back at it. I love my old medicine ball workout, but I'm developing a new one that builds on my old routine to give me some variety and add spice to my workout. Also, I'm looking into a way to blend medicine ball and yoga. Anyone have any ideas? If so, please leave a comment below.

To see a video of me using my 12-pound medicine ball, check my YouTube channel.

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