Sunday, April 16, 2017

Survivor, thriver, pie-in-the-skyer; I'm a hiker-through-lifer

by Brian Schwarz

I’m just a poor boy
I’m a middle-aged man
I’m a boy who was pushed out of Boy Scouts or banned...
                For being gay
                For not having a present father
                For being a mamma’s boy
                For not being outdoorsy
                For being obliged by an older straight boy to service him while other boys watched
                For being another boy’s dad’s dream
I’m a 9/11 survivor
I’m in recovery from post trauma
I’m in recovery from borderline personality disorder
I constantly battle mental illness
I’m grieving the loss of my mother to cancer
I’m struggling with obesity
I’m a survivor of childhood obesity
I’m a survivor of bullying
And I’m a suicide survivor
But at the end of the day, I’m not just a survivor
I'm a full-life thriver
I’m a pie-in-the-skyer
And when all's said and done, I'm a hiker-through-lifer