Wednesday, August 15, 2012

(My) 5 motivations to lose weight now

Dear Reader,

As of today, I weigh 280 lbs. I want to lose weight - 60 pounds to be exact.

More exactly, I want to weigh 90 pounds less than I do right now. Since I'm putting on more muscle even as I shed the fat, I'm thinking that my final goal weight might change, so it'll all depend on that really. Regardless, here are the five principle motivations for me to lose weight now:

1) I long to tear up the trail at a weight that won't tear up my back and knees.
2) I want to fit comfortably in size 36 jeans.
3) One day I'll be out thrifting, and I'll come across some vintage Levi's jeans jacket - don't laugh - and I won't want to miss the opportunity to snatch it. They run small, so...
4) I might end up making some insane goal in the near future, like hiking the Inca Trail in Peru or spending a month trekking south to north on the Virginia portion of the AT.
5) For once in my life, it'd be nice to be too sexy for my shirt.

These are my motivations, and they're solid. So what am I going to do to lose this weight? I'm just going to go ahead and do it is all. And I'm going to write about it. I'm going to draw encouragement from my readers, and I'm going to celebrate with you ALL when I achieve this goal. Sound like a plan?

Alright. Thanks.

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