Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stuck in a rut? This online exercise library helped me!

I love the gym, but sometimes I get bored with the same old routine. And so does my body! But even though I'm well aware of the importance of switching things up every couple of weeks to keep shedding fat and growing my muscles, I sometimes get stuck in a rut. I'm not an expert (yet), so I'm thankful for the experts at ACE Fitness for ACE GetFit - a FREE online library of exercises!

One area I'm focusing on now is abs, and the online library of ab exercises is simply amazing - I can even access it on my smart phone while I'm at the gym. It's like having your own personal trainer.

Now, if you can afford a personal trainer, by all means hire one - they not only motivate but teach, and that's invaluable. But if you can't afford a trainer but are looking to change it up at the gym, look no further than the ACE GetFit exercise library. And thank me when you do!

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