Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fit Magazine features MyFitLife2Day: "Journey to Fitness"

The Albuquerque Journal is featuring my blog, MyFitLife2Day, and telling a bit of my fit-life story in its October issue of its Fit Magazine supplement - on newsstands today!

Many of you may know that besides being a an educator, life coach and motivational speaker, I worked for many years at the start of my career as a journalist. In July, I decided to get back into professional writing (I figured why not make some income on all this research I've been doing as I continue to work on my book about overcoming super obesity). After I contacted the Albuquerque Journal to discuss doing some articles on weight loss, fitness and overcoming obesity (as well as hiking, of course), a Journal reporter apparently checked out my blog and became interested in doing an article with me as the subject. I said, "sure!"

The article is called "Journey to Fitness: Personal Life Coach Blogs About Weight Loss, Better Food Choices". Check it out!

Brian Schwarz is an award-winning journalist whose career was derailed by super obesity. He fought his way back to health - losing 165 pounds in the process of his "fit-life journey". A professional communicator by trade and activator by nature, Brian's personal mission is to inspire others live their fullest lives. Follow Brian on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


  1. Hello Brian, my name is Kelly Gossett, owner of New Mexico Kayak Instruction. I saw your story today searching for a kayak story in The Journal (a kayaking article for kids with developmental & physical disabilities). I'm not sure where you're at in your Journey to Fitness, down from 420lbs, it appears, but I'd like to make an offer for you. For the next 6 months, any time I am kayaking (in a lesson, community service event, or paddling for fun), I'd like to invite you to join us. This means I'll teach you for free thru April 2013 (this will include an Intro to Kayak class, kayak Roll class, Whitewater Weekend class and Touring Weekend class, ~$700 in value (more if you consider the opportunity to retake, as many students do)). I just ask that if you RSVP to an event, that you attend (no 'no-shows'). Kayaking is something anyone can do, and it's not extremely physical. Loading & unloading the boats are the hardest part, but I believe anyone can kayak - if not for the fitness, then for the mental and physical wellness of being outside, experiencing nature from a new perspective.

    You can contact me via my website at

    Paddle on,
    Kelly Gossett
    Owner/Lead Instructor - New Mexico Kayak Instruction
    Founder - Kayak New Mexico (501(c)3 status pending)
    Founder - Greater Albuquerque / Santa Fe Kayak Meetup paddling club
    Seed Member - New Mexico Outdoors Coalition

  2. Sounds awesome, Kelly...I'll be in touch!