Saturday, May 19, 2012

@MyFitLife2Day Goes Boldly into the Twitterverse

The past couple weeks I haven't been blogging as much as I like to. Instead, I've been focusing on micro blogging, having just recently discovered the joy of Twitter!

I'm mostly Tweeting with the following hash tags: #fitspo, #fitness, #inspiration, #overcomingobesity, #healthydecisions, and #itsyourdecisions. And in just 19 days I've amassed more than 500 followers - many of whom re-Tweet my original quotes.

Two of my most famous mentions were from two men that I admire and attempt to model as I build my career in online publishing and as a fit-life promoter.

The first was a re-Tweet by life coach, author and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins.

Tony Robbins re-Tweets @myfitlife2day to more than two million followers
The second was a mention by celebrity blogger and fit-life promoter Perez Hilton in reply to a mention I made of him. With nearly 5 million followers, this guy is truly a Twitter rock star!

Fit-life inspiration Perez Hilton gives @myfitlife2day a shout out!

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