Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swimming - my new "everyday cardio"

Recently I've begun swimming about 10 laps or more in the pool at my complex here in the desert cities area of Southern California. I have been taking breaks at the end of every couple of laps, as needed, but I've been looking to kick it up a notch. Today, I came across an excellent routine I can do in sets. I can complete one full set without taking a break. So I'll plan on doing three sets per day as part of my new "everyday cardio" routine. Here it is:
  1. Front crawl - two lengths
  2. Back crawl - two lengths
  3. Sidestroke - two lengths
  4. Breaststroke - two lengths
  5. Elementary backstroke - three lengths
Two lengths in the pool I'm using is 33 yards; Three lengths is 50 yards. Doing one set of these today I felt like my lungs got an amazing workout. I would have stayed to do the full three sets, but it was the middle of the day and I was worried about overexposure to the sun. Tomorrow I will begin doing the three sets of this great swimming workout in the morning. I may also opt to do the workout in the evening from time to time, perhaps doing as many six sets per day.

PS - My current weight is 276 pounds. Let's check in with my weight a week from now to see what kind of impact this new addition to my daily exercise routine. I'm also walking three miles per day and trying to get into a regular habit again with my medicine ball and plank routine.

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